17.12.2018 Our paper on “Super-resolution enhancement by quantum image scanning microscopy” by Ron Tenne, Uri Rossman, Batel Rephael, Yonatan Israel, Alexander Krupinski-Ptaszek, Radek Lapkiewicz, Yaron Silberberg & Dan Oron published in Nature Photonics (arXive preprint).

Past Events/Guests/Group seminars:

30.03.-01.04.2016 “Spectral & Spatial Engineering of Quantum Light”

We would like to advertise a limited number of places at the workshop on Spectral and Spatial Engineering of Quantum Light (SSEQL), which will be held at the University of Warsaw from 30. March to 1. April 2016. The workshop is organized within the PhoQuS project and focuses on exploring the spectral-temporal and spatial degree of freedom of light for multidimensional photonic quantum information encoding and processing. The list of invited speakers includes:

Imad Agha (Dayton)
Marco Bellini (Florence)
Benjamin Brecht (Oxford)
Maria Chekhova (Erlangen)
Ivo Degiovanni (INRiM, Turin)
Fedor Jelezko (Ulm)
Jonathan Lavoie (Geneva)
Joseph Lukens (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Serge Massar (Brussels)
Nobuyuki Matsuda (NTT Basic Research Labs)
Peter Mosley (Bath)
Eugene Polzik (Copenhagen)
Sven Ramelow (Vienna)
Yaron Silberberg (Weizmann)
Brian Smith (Oxford)
André Stefanov (Bern)
Robert Thew (Geneva)
Nicolas Treps (UPMC Paris)
Franco Wong (MIT)

02-04.03.2016 “Recent Advances in Quantum Metrology”

24-26.02.2016  “Quantum Limits of Optical Communication”

14.12.2015 MARIO KRENN (University of Vienna) “Automated Search for new Quantum Experiments”

11.12.2015 HARALD WEINFURTER (LMU, Munich; Max Planck, Garching)

04.12.2015 TOMASZ PATEREK (NTU, Singapore)